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CBC Trade Finance, a division of CBC, offers trade finance solutions to reduce international trade risk and increase business between foreign suppliers and U.S. importers through our Supplier Early Payment (SEP) Program and other trade finance services. CBC Trade Finance also provides documentary management services and can arrange other ancillary services including: inspection, cargo and marine insurance, door-to-door logistics and collections.

CBC Supplier Early Payment Program

CBC Trade Finance understands the relationship between the supplier (exporter) and buyer (importer). Suppliers need to be paid as soon as possible and the buyers typically desire to pay later in the process.

Through our Supplier Early Payment (SEP) Program:

  • Foreign suppliers will be paid 100% immediately, without recourse, upon shipment.
  • U.S.-based importers will receive open account terms for periods up to 120 days from the bill of lading date.

Click here for more information on the SEP program

Trade Document Management

CBC simplifies the document gathering process providing buyers with a package that includes all necessary commercial documentation.

CBC Multiple Supplier Finance

Within the Multiple Supplier Finance program, CBC Trade Finance can provide you with an open credit line that covers the suppliers that you designate to us. With this line of credit, you are able to receive the credit terms your business needs to match its cash flow, while offering your suppliers early payment support through your prequalified CBC Trade Finance credit line.

As part of our Multiple Supplier Finance program you will benefit from:

  • Up to 120 days payment terms across your portfolio of suppliers
  • One central U.S. payment point for all your imports
  • Monthly statements giving you complete financial visibility for all your suppliers and their payments across your entire supply chain
  • On the ground local support for dispute resolution
Letters of Credit

A Letter of Credit can be the safest and fastest method toward obtaining goods. Today many exporters require Letters of Credit prior to agreeing to a transaction. CBC will work with its bank partners to issue Letters of Credit on behalf of the importer (buyer) that guarantee payment to the exporter (seller) upon the satisfaction of documentary requirements of the Letter of Credit.

Additional Services

In addition to providing financial trade solutions, CBC Trade Finance can arrange for a depth of additional services to support your needs.

For U.S.-based Importers:

  • Cargo Protection – CBC Trade Finance can arrange cargo protection on all transactions in order to reduce your risk. 
  • Inspection – CBC Trade Finance can arrange inspection services on your behalf to ensure products meet agreed specifications prior to shipment. 
  • Shipping – CBC Trade Finance can arrange transport of goods from port-to-port.


For Asia-based Suppliers

  • Cargo Protection – CBC Trade Finance can arrange cargo protection on every transaction to protect all parties against loss at sea.
  • Shipping – CBC Trade Finance can arrange transport of goods from port-to-port.