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The Touch, The Feel Of Cotton May Come With A Steeper Price

April 24, 2011


By Jeremy Alm

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — If you’re ready to give up winter attire and head to the mall for a summer wardrobe, be ready to see a few changes. Cotton prices are expected to shoot up across the country. A global supply shortage is pushing cotton prices up.

“I’ve been in business ten years, almost eleven, and I haven’t seen it happen before,” says Pollux Clothing Company’s owner, Ivy Parnasius.

Parnasius says the changes are already here. She says common summer styles are now costing her shop 5% to 10% more.

“Which are not going to pass on to the consumer. We’ll either absorb that price increase ourselves or find other alternatives,” says Parnasius.

Parnasius says the alternatives could mean more items blended with other fabrics than cotton. A new national survey by Capital Business Credit suggests her shop may not have a choice. 89% of manufacturers will replace cotton with rayon or Lycra.

“Our basics that are 92% cotton now, will have a lot less cotton in them. It’ll probably be more a 50-50 blend,” says Parnasius.

Parnasius says with the cotton shortage you may even say goodbye to some common styles this summer.

“They’ve definitely discontinued styles I’ve carried for years because of the price of cotton. It cost more to produce the items than what [manufacturers] can sell them to me for wholesale,” says Parnasius.

Parnasius says most of the styles you enjoy will be around for the warmer season. You will just see less and less cotton when you check the clothing tag.

Even though Parnasius says she won’t pass any of the cost on to you, some retailers say you can expect a 10% to 15% price hike on cotton products