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Shiny Garment Factory (H.K.) Limited (新辉制衣厂(香港)有限公司)

Shiny Garment Factory (H.K.) Limited (Shiny Garment) is a Hong Kong-based manufacturer of children’s clothing sold in retail outlets throughout North America.

Since early 2010, the company has experienced financial pressure due to the increased cost of traditional financing and the constricted lending environment among Chinese banks. To alleviate this strain, the Company began working with CBC Trade Finance, a division of Capital Business Credit (CBC). Through CBC’s Supplier Early Payment (SEP) Program, Shiny Garment is now able to sell its receivables to CBC and receive funds immediately after shipment, avoiding the typical 60 to 90 day collection of receivables from the U.S. importer  The buyer then pays CBC directly when the invoice is due. This ultimately gives the Company access to more working capital, without impacting their bank facility.

“Before working with CBC, we did not know that receivables could be turned into cash immediately after shipment. CBC’s unique SEP Program provides us with sufficient cash flow and has also mitigated the larger capital and risk issues that has troubled Asian exporters in the past,” said Alan Lai, general manager of Shiny Garment.

In the one year since Shiny Garment began working with CBC, they have been able to expand their business and their export volume has doubled.

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自2010年开始,由于传统融资成本的上升和银行融资环境的变化,该公司感受融资方面的困难。为了解决这一问题,公司开始和Capital Business Credit 旗下的CBC贸易融资合作。