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AH Schreiber (案例学习)

For more than 80 years, A.H. Schreiber has manufactured bathing suits sold in major retail outlets across the country. Each year, the company sells approximately 10 million pieces of swimwear to stores like Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, JC Penny, Walmart, Target, etc.

With nearly all of A.H. Schreiber’s products manufactured in Asia – specifically China and Thailand – the company was looking for ways to reduce their ‘cash in use’ and gain more flexibility during their busy season from February to June.

This year, the Company began working with CBC Trade Finance, a division of Capital Business Credit (CBC). Through CBC’s Supplier Early Payment Program (SEP Program), CBC provides payment to A.H. Schreiber’s vendor in Asia the day the invoice is issued. A.H. Schreiber then has 60 days to pay the value of the invoice directly to CBC.

“CBC’s SEP Program has provided us with more flexibility and has enabled us to be less reliant on lines of credit during our busy season,” said Michael Gross, chief financial officer of A.H. Schreiber. “We have peace of mind knowing that trade finance experts are ensuring our manufacturers are paid in a timely manner, allowing us to concentrate exclusively on what we do best; producing great swimwear.”

The SEP Program has lowered A.H. Schreiber’s need to borrow and utilize credit. Next season, the Company plans to utilize the program with more vendors overseas.

Chinese Version

在80年的时间里,A.H. Schreiber在生产泳衣并销售给全国各地的主要零售商。 每年,这家公司销售大约1000万件泳衣给梅西百货(Macy’s),布鲁明戴尔百货(Bloomingdales),诺德斯特龙(Nordstrom),彭尼(JC Penny),沃尔玛和塔吉特(Target)等北美主要零售商。

A.H. Schreiber所有的产品几乎都在亚洲,特别是中国和泰国生产。该公司试图寻找一种能够减轻“使用的现金”,在2月至6月的旺季获得现金流的更大的弹性。

今年该公司开始和CBC旗下的贸易融资部合作,通过SEP(Supplier Early Payment)方案,在供应商开出发票以后,CBC代替该公司向供应商支付全部货款;该公司从CBC获得60天的销售信贷期,并到期支付货款给CBC。

“销售旺季的时候,CBC的SEP方案在现金流方面为我们提供了更大的灵活性,使得我们减少了对授信额度的依赖”,该公司的首席财务官Michael Gross说,“我们清楚的知道,贸易融资专家正在确保即时对工厂付款,让我们可以专注在我们擅长的方面,设计和生产更好的泳衣”。

SEP方面降低了A.H. Schreiber贷款和额度的使用。下一个季度,该公司将计划把更多的海外供应商纳入该方案的中来。