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6 Questions to Ask When You Land a New Retail CustomerCapital Business CreditApril 13, 2016
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As an importer, wholesaler or manufacturer, we have all come to grips with the “new normal.” Retailers’ requirements are more stringent than ever before. Order lead times have been cut across the board, chargebacks and deep discounting are expected, and … Continue reading


By Andrew Tananbaum The lower than anticipated January and February retail sales results have not wavered wholesaler/supplier confidence for the spring and summer shopping seasons. In our latest Global Retail Manufacturers and Importers Survey  we asked our clients, retail importers … Continue reading

As Capital Business Credit finances the entire consumer supply chain, we have visibility into how retailers will perform in the coming 60, 90 and 120 days. Recently, our Executive Chairman, Andrew Tananbaum, sat down with CNBC Asia to discuss why … Continue reading

By JoBeth Tananbaum   Eighteen. That is the number of new designers exhibiting at NY Fashion Week in just a few days. These 18 represent just a fraction of new designers that launch every year. Most are either too young … Continue reading

Supply chain finance – What you need to knowAndrew TananbaumJanuary 29, 2016

By Andrew, Tananbaum Nearly every good sold in the United States is touched by international trade. From the sweaters bought at well-known retailers, to the bedding we sleep on, to the electronics that entertain and keep us connected. How these … Continue reading

By Andrew Tananbaum The holidays have quickly come and gone and the results are in. According to MasterCard Advisors, retail sales were up 7.9% this year with online sales drastically increasing 20%. Even an increase in sales didn’t necessarily translate … Continue reading

How Capital Business Credit Partners with BanksAndrew TananbaumDecember 31, 2015
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By Andrew Tananbaum It is no surprise that U.S.-based importers are going to try and take advantage of the current market by increasing their orders from their Chinese, Vietnamese, Bangladesh and Indian manufacturers. Unfortunately for banks this may present a … Continue reading

By Andrew Tananbaum The Federal Reserve increased interest rates last week for the first time since 2006. While the dollar strengthened, the Yuan continued to weaken. In a recent Bloomberg article, Dai Ming, a fund manager at Hengsheng Asset Management … Continue reading

By Andrew Tananbaum   It’s no secret that the majority of U.S. products are manufactured or assembled from China. According to the Congressional Research Service, in 2014 total trade of exports and imports between China and the United States reached … Continue reading

Capital Business Credit Quarterly SurveyMarc AdelsonDecember 13, 2013
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Every quarter Capital Business Credit surveys importers and manufacturers of retail goods to get their take on the health of the market and retail trends. This quarter, the survey results reflect that despite the economic factors that have shaken consumer … Continue reading

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