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How to Manage Cash Flow When Working with Overseas Suppliers


By Andrew Tananbaum


Without the proper understanding of the financial complexities of working directly with overseas manufacturers, the risks can outweigh the potential benefits. Previously working directly with overseas suppliers/manufacturers was seen solely as a big box retail strategy. It was a way for these retailers to manage their supply chain and balance sheets. Now, with the recent innovations in supply chain technologies, there are more opportunities for smaller retailers to work directly with suppliers in Asia, South America and Mexico than ever before.


Capital Business Credit’s latest guide provides tips to help small- and mid-sized retailers manage cash flow when working with overseas suppliers by:

  • Negotiating trade credit terms
  • Understanding the importance of “Just in Time Delivery”
  • Ways to alleviate FOREX risks and avoidable currency hedging risks
  • And more...

Click here to download our guide: “5 Ways Retailers Can Manage Cash Flow When Working with Overseas Suppliers.”