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Hospitality Design Expo

default author logo By Malcolm Ferguson

In mid-May, I attended the Hospitality Design Expo held in Las Vegas, which exhibits the latest in hospitality design for hotels, motels, resorts and most recently the healthcare industry, namely senior centers. It has quite an impressive turnout with over 7,000 in attendance and 900 exhibitors.

The market attendance was brisk and attendees and exhibitors alike were in good spirits. The expectant overall sentiment of the conference indicates a positive start to what should be a solid 2013. From the exhibitors standpoint, more people were buying and the market was doing better than the past showing superior improvements year over year.

The purchasing of beds, furniture and other “soft” capital expenditures by hoteliers can only bode well for the furniture and fabric sectors of our economy. The question these manufacturers and importers need to ask themselves is “Do I have the proper and sufficient financing in place to handle growth?” which, for the first time in five years, is a totally different question than “Do I have the financing in place to handle shrinking margins and lower sales?” Which is a nice problem to have!